now - june

For all you basketball fans, we are playing all NBA games showing on Fox from now until June.

Give us a call to find out if you’re unsure which games will be showing, or try your luck and come on down!


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super bowl liii

monday 4th february

Take your first sickie of the year and join us for a Monday of beers, wings and football!!

Super Bowl Monday has become one of our favourite days of the year, when NFL fans and non-fans alike come together to talk tactics, drink beers, and watch Atlanta throw away their closest chance at winning rings they have had in franchise history (28-3 at halftime, how do you mess that up?!).

We’re already taking bookings, and tables are going quick, so get your mates organised and secure your spot! It’s gonna be a great day, no matter who gets through.

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ufc 234

sunday 10th february

It’s fight day! Come get a pint and a Sunday roast and watch these dudes punch each other!


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