nba season 2017-18

2oth october

Basketball's back, baby!! As always, we'll always have the games playing in the background throughout the season. If you're keen on a particular early game, give us a call, and we can let you in early.

Because let's be honest. Ball is Life.

nba '17.jpg

ufc 218

sunday 3rd december

Edgar has gone, and we're up for Holloway v Aldo 2! Fun times, get on down for it!


super bowl 2018

monday 5th february

We're already taking bookings for our favourite Monday of the year!! Put in your sick leave, and join us for Super Bowl 52!

Will the Patriots have another amazing comeback? Maybe. Will the Falcons let everyone down again? Probably! Is the GNH is the best place to find out? Definitely!!

Doors at 8am (or earlier if kickoff dictates), and as always we'll be slinging good grub and beers all day.